Behavior Intervention/Student Support Specialist

Saturday, July 13, 2019
Addison Community Schools
Position Details: 
  • Master’s degree in Behavior Analysis, Clinical Psychology, Emotionally Impaired, Behavior Psychology, School Psychology, or Social Work
  • Professional Certification and/or Professional Licensure
  • Experience in a like position preferred
  • Graduate work beyond the Bachelor’s degree
  • Ability to counsel students through the development of educational and career plans
  • Demonstrated ability to consult with staff and parents regarding meeting the developmental needs of students
  • Demonstrated ability to counsel students with problems; referring severe problems to appropriate community resources
  • Ability to respond to crisis situations when appropriate
  • Deep sense of caring for children
  • Ability to facilitate infusion of counseling learning activities into the regular education curricula
  • Demonstrated experience involving parents in the learning process
  • Ability to apply knowledge of current research on instructional program
  • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with students, staff, administration and community
  • Ability to utilize technology
  • Attend designated Staff Meetings 

Job Description: Please visit website at for more information Performance Responsibilities: Monitoring attendance and behavior Monitoring academic performance of students Analysis and application of data for the purpose of providing individualized academic/behavioral help Coordination of student mentoring program Develop and implement intervention plans  Peer relations (conflict resolution) Communicate and meet with staff and parents Work together with District schools to create a smooth transition program Coordinate with building administrator special events Maintain effective working relationship with students and staff Other duties as assigned 

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