Friday, July 13, 2018
Reed City Area Public Schools
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High School Principal


Reed City Area Public Schools is accepting applications for a dynamic, energetic responsive High School Principal as an instructional leader who will be able to support and sustain equity-focused instruction for all learners. These educators create high achieving learning environments. They identify and systematically apply differentiated instruction and assessment that improves achievement for all learners. Candidates must be able to demonstrate knowledge of effective leadership practices, instruction, analysis of appropriate data, and be able to design and implement appropriate responses based on results.



  • Possess a Master’s degree from an accredited institution with emphasis in educational leadership, school administration and/or curriculum
  • Possess a Michigan Teaching Certificate
  • Possess a Michigan Administrator Certificate
  • Previous experience as a middle or high school administrator preferred
  • Five years’ experience as a middle or high school educator
  • Proven ability to organize, implement and monitor multiple programs
  • Knowledge of school improvement processes, knowledgeable of evidence-based practices in instruction and assessment and effective professional development programming
  • A proven ability to lead and work in teams
  • Demonstrated leadership in the ability to communicate a clear vision and to work cooperatively with colleagues to attain the vision
  • Evidence of ability to establish working relationships that result in mutual respect
  • Ability to speak clearly and concisely both in oral and written communication
  • Demonstrate a willingness to take professional risks to improve opportunities for students
  • Strong interpersonal and public relations skills.



  1. Provide the leadership to ensure excellence, equity, and access for all students.

2. Provide leadership for and ensure adherence to the approved curriculum, evidence-based instructional practices, and assessments.

3. Provide leadership to meet and exceed the standards in the state accreditation program, school improvement framework, and federal/state accountability.

4. Assume responsibility for the administration of national, state, and local assessments as well as the analysis and reporting of results.

5. Employ restorative practices to build community, resolve conflicts, and repair harm with students, families, staff, and administrators.

6. Ensure the appropriate supports are in place for students with IEP’s and 504 Plans.

7. Create and maintain a safe environment for all students and staff.

8. Maintain high standards of student conduct and enforce discipline according to due process standards.

9. Work collaboratively with the principals and other members of the administrative team to lead Reed City High School to meet and exceed high school and district goals.

10. Final decision maker for his/her assigned building under defined conditions.

11. Know the needs of the staff and contribute to the design and implementation of professional development to support high school and district goals.

12. Evaluate and review the performance of staff assigned to Reed City High School.

13. Communicate the philosophy, goals, and objectives of the high school program to students, families, staff members, and the community at large.

14. Supervise and actively participate in afternoon and evening school activities as assigned.

15. Attend and participate in Board of Education meetings, as well as in appropriate committee meetings to support the work of the high schools, district, and community.

16. Coordinate with the Superintendent of Schools in the recruiting, screening, interviewing, and recommending of qualified candidates for high school staff positions.

17. Develop, implement, and monitor the budget, which supports the high school program.

18. Work cooperatively with other administrators in the areas of pupil accounting, facility use, staff assignments, financial resource development, and coordination of schedules.

19. Ensure compliance with all policies of the Board of Education and administrative guidelines and procedures by administrators, staff, and students.

20. Bending, lifting, and overhead work required.

21. Perform such other tasks and assume such other responsibilities as may be assigned by the Superintendent of Schools.

Apply To: Candidates who are qualified and wish to be considered for this position must submit an application that includes a letter of application/resume, three (3) letters of reference, a copy of your transcripts, Administrative and Michigan Teaching Certificate with attention to:


Dr. Myra Munroe, Superintendent

Reed City Area Public Schools

225 W. Church Avenue, Suite A

Reed City, MI 49677




Applications accepted until July 1, 2018 or until filled.