Part-Time Math Teacher

Friday, February 16, 2018
Bellevue Community Schools
Position Details: 

Just when you think you got everything covered for the year something, just something occurs that makes you have to post a position.  We just had one of those “something’s” occur. 

We also know that this is one of those strange requests that maybe; just maybe someone is out there that this position might just fit.  It is a stretch but we are looking for a part-time math teacher.   Our current schedule is for two periods in the morning.  Rather than look at filling this position with a long term sub, we are looking for someone with some math ability that will assist our students in advancing their math skills.  We will work with a retired teacher that has not bolted for the south to make sure your maximum pay schedule is reached and maybe even think outside the box a little. 

Bellevue Community Schools is a small rural school located 15 miles northeast of Battle Creek and 38 miles southwest of Lansing.  We are a district of 605 students Pre K-12 with an average class size of 1 to 18.  We are in our second year of being involved in the MiExcell process through the Michigan Department of Education and will hopefully have full implementation during the 2017-18 school year.  We are affiliated with Calhoun County ISD and share educational services with Calhoun Area Career Center and the Battle Creek Math and Science Center.   If you are passionate about making a difference in a country/rural setting please see the attached posting for more information.

Please send resume, cover letter, letters of recommendations, transcripts, certifications and references to:

                                                            Ms. Terry Wesner, Administrative Assistant

                                                            Bellevue Community Schools

                                                            904 W. Capital

                                                            Bellevue, MI 49021


                                                            twesner@bellevue-schools. com

Please see the attached posting for more information.  This position may be filled before the close date if appropriate candidate is found.

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